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To track your child’s AR progress log in to the Renaissance Home Connect, using the User Name and Password provided to you and your child at the start of the program.

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Accelerated Reader – Program Guide

    At the Races

    The Accelerated Reader Program (AR) is a computerized reading comprehension program designed to motivate and increase independent reading. The 31-week program, sponsored by the PTA, is offered to first through fifth graders. AR is an optional enrichment program, but all students are encouraged to participate in order to build reading and comprehension skills. We use a racing theme to track progress and make the program more fun and engaging for the students. The rules and procedures for the program are as follows:

    Start Your Engines

    1. A student either reads or has a book read to him/her from the Renaissance AR book list. The list of over 100,000 books can be found at or the link is available on the PTA website at AR books are located in the classroom, the Media Center, and at local public libraries. You may wish to consult these online lists from home or during visits to public libraries to assist your child with AR book selections. The online catalog available at the Ocee Media Center will also provide your child with the necessary AR information. (Please note that parents may also check-out up to 5 books from the Ocee Media Center.) Additionally, please reference the Renaissance Home Connect letter, which also went home in the September 6th Thursday papers, regarding gaining access to your child’s AR history and progress throughout the year.

    2. Second through fifth graders will be taking a Star Reader assessment at school over the coming weeks which will assist your child in book selection. This test indicates your child’s independent reading level, which is sometimes lower than your child’s instructional reading level at school. Parents will be informed of their student’s reading level so they can help in choosing books. Students may read books at any AR reading level, although it is suggested that they read on or around their current reading level. The AR reading level should be used as a guide, as there are many age or grade level appropriate books that may be below the student’s reading level.

    3. After reading a book, a student can take a computerized test, answering simple multiple-choice questions that check recall of basic facts and events in the book. Students may test in the school’s computer lab before school from 7:10-7:40 a.m. Teachers will determine the best times for taking tests on the computers in their classroom.

    4. After completing the test, the student receives a point score based on the difficulty level of the book and the number of questions he/she answers correctly. The computer program tracks each student’s points, reading level and test percentages. This is valuable information for teachers, as well as the basis for various rewards at school.

    Victory Lane

    Students who participate will find a racecar with their name on the Accelerated Reader racetrack in the hall outside the gym. Students’ racecars will be advanced to the next lap based on points earned. Students will receive special incentives when they move to the next lap. Top participants, or All-Stars, will receive additional recognition. Furthermore, classes will be rewarded for 100% participation.

Racetrack Points by Grade

1st lap2nd lap3rd lap4th lap5th lapAll-Stars
1st gradeup to 2.9pts3 to 9.9 pts10 to 22.9pts23 to 39.9pts40 to 69.9pts70+ pts
2nd gradeup to 4.9pts5 to 19.9pts20 to 39.9pts40 to 59.9pts60 to 89.9pts90+ pts
3rd gradeup to 7.9pts8 to 24.9pts25 to 49.9pts50 to 79.9pts80 to 119.9pts120+ pts
4th gradeup to 9.9pts10 to 29.9pts30 to 54.9pts55 to 89.9pts90 to 139.9pts140+ pts
5th gradeup to 11.9pts12 to 34.9pts35 to 59.9pts60 to 99.9pts100 to 149.9pts150+ pts


    1. For lap 1, the student’s car is placed on the track. Students must read at least one book and pass the test (70%) to reach lap 1 and be placed on the racetrack.
    2. For lap 2, the student receives an Ocee AR pencil .
    3. For lap 3, the student receives a Chick-fil-A ice cream coupon and an Ocee magnetic bookmark.
    4. For lap 4, the student receives an Ocee Otter Clip-On book light.
    5. For lap 5, the student chooses one reward from the rewards list shown below.
    6. For All-Stars Level, the student will receive a ribbon and additional recognition at the All-Stars Breakfast, which is held at the end of the school year in May.
    7. Students will receive a reward each time the track is updated and their car moves forward to the next lap.
    8. The racetrack will be updated every 4-5 weeks, and students’ cars will move up based on points earned.

    Rewards List for Lap 5

    1. Afternoon announcements with the Principal (1 day)
    2. Behind the scenes tour with the Assistant Principal
    3. Homeroom Teacher (1/2 Day)
    4. Admin Team Office Assistant (1 hour)
    5. Art Assistant (1/2 day)
    6. P.E. Assistant (1/2 day)
    7. Music Assistant (1/2 day)
    8. Guest Reader for K or 1st grade class (only available to 2nd through 5th graders)
    9. Lunch with a teacher of your choice (teacher must be in grade level or Specials)
    10. Breakfast with the Principal
    11. Lunch with the Counselor
    12. Media Center Assistant (1 hour)
    13. AR spotlight on Otter Talk – Guest appearance and book review

    AR Calendar

    Sep 3, 2015AR Kicks OffFeb. 5, 20164th Lap ends
    Oct 9, 2015First Lap endsFeb. 12, 2016Track updated
    Oct 16, 2015Track updatedMar. 18, 20165th Lap ends
    Nov. 20, 20152nd Lap endsMar. 25, 2016Track updated
    Dec. 4, 2015Track updatedApr. 22, 2016AR Program ends
    Jan. 8, 20163rd Lap endsMay 5, 2016All-Stars Awards Breakfast in the Ocee Cafeteria
    Jan. 15, 2016Track updated

If you have questions concerning the AR program, please contact: Heather Pye (404.713.5679).