6 days before the upcoming newsletter

The Newsletter Chair will send out a reminder email to all PTA chairs asking for article submissions for the upcoming newsletter. If applicable, the email will include a list of articles that are to be repeated from the previous newsletters.

4-6 days before the upcoming newsletter

Your article should be written and sent before the stated deadline according to the specifications below:

Please submit your article as a Word document or in an email to the Newsletter Chairperson by
the Monday evening before your article is to run for the first time.

If you have not received a confirmation email that your submission was received by Monday evening,
then please resubmit and/or check with the Newsletter Chair to make certain your article was
received. Failed email deliveries do occur and are not the responsibility of the Newsletter

If your article needs to be repeated over several weeks, please submit all the dates for the
article to run. If your repeat article needs any wording adjustments as you approach a
deadline (such as from “next week” to “tomorrow”) you are responsible for making the changes
and resubmitting a new article.

3 days before the newsletter

All articles received by the deadline are compiled, reviewed by the PTA Co-Presidents, and then forwarded onto the Ocee Administrative Staff for their review and editing. The Newsletter Committee reserves the right to edit your article as needed.

If your article is late

DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR ARTICLE DIRECTLY TO JO FOWLER. If your article is past the deadline for any reason, please email the Newsletter Chair and the PTA Co-Presidents. Late arrivals will be considered on an individual basis. There is no guarantee that it can be included in the upcoming newsletter.